Norberg Festival [Suecia]

Norberg Festival Mimerlaven con Luis Xandy Anjos y Juanma LoDo.

Norbergfestival offers a unique mixture of live electronic music at the spectacular location around Mimerlaven, an abandoned mining area in the small town of Norberg.

Three days a year, industrial concrete buildings transform into an international playground where festival visitors experience a multicolored spectrum of electronic music, sound art, and clubs.

Together with light and sound installations, workshops in the fields of audio and video and a collective atmosphere matched by none, this truly makes Norbergfestival one-of-a-kind.

In 20 years Norbergfestival has grown from being a utopian project for a handful of people into one of the most important annual events in the Scandinavian electronic music scene.

Aquí me pasé muchas horas a lo largo de los días del Norberg Festival 2015

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